I thought I was getting to go on vacation with when Karly started putting clothes and stuff into bags. She said NO. I’m staying home to babysit Tillie. Karly is going  to a place that doesn’t allow dogs. Or brilliant familiars. How am I supposed to teach her if we aren’t together. It’s spring, there are a lot of plants she needs to find and some only I can sniff out, she needs to learn how to hunt with me. What if something bad happens to her and I can’t help?

Peeps! They make no sense. Their purpose is to keep our dens in good shape, work with us to get food, and make it for us. We are the brains. They have the thumbs.

Arooo! She’s leaving me behind.

Well. The least I can do is make sure she has enough food. I stuck a biscuit in her socks.

Uh oh. Tille! What do you have? You took the sock with the biscuit in it! Put it back!




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