She’s home!

Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Karly! Karly! Karly! I’m here! I’m here! Hey, pay attention to me! Have you forgotten the Packleader in this den?



Where were you? No one was here to pet me, scratch my ears, or my belly. You will never go anywhere without me again. I sit on her foot and place a paw on her knee. She still doesn’t speak dog well, but she understands my meaning.

How could she leave me for years like this? Did she remember to tell Packmom to feed me? I don’t think so. Did she tell Joey to pet me as much as he pets Tillie? I don’t think so. She needs to look up the definition of partner: Karly takes care of me and I watch out for her.

She obviously doesn’t know it. I will teach her.


First things first.

She scritches the itchy place behind my ear and my foot thumps along with my tail.

I love you, Karly.


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