I could be home, sleeping.

This is ridiculous. I am a basset, designed to hunt, to help perform complex magic, to help Peeps. I am not living to my full potential when I am sent with Karly to find herbs in the woods. That’s a Peep job, not a job for someone like me. Why don’t Peeps just know these things. Us dogs do. We don’t have to look at books to know stuff, it’s all in our heads.

It’s hot out here. It’s shady in the woods, but the air is so thick you can bite it. There is a perfectly good den with air conditioning. Karly can get a picture of the herb from the box on her desk, and I can rest for something important.

“George, do you know where the eyebright is? Did Auntie Heather tell you?” Karly looks lost.

I poke at our link. She is lost. If she’d just use her nose she’d know we were only a few dog lengths from the parking lot. I shake my head. Now I know why I’m out here. Search and Rescue dog. Karly still needs a Girlpeep sitter.



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