Interview with George (a dog) and Mindy Mymudes (a peep).

I was invited to share my book, George Knows. Ignore the Lady With The Hands.

Eric Price

Today I’m going to try something new on the blog: an author interview. I had a character interview in September, which I guess this is too, of sorts. Since I don’t want to make new things too easy, I’ve decided to interview a dog. George is a basset hound and an author.

Before now, my experiences conversing with animals has had mixed results. I’ve tried talking to dogs, and they always look at me like I’m saying the most interesting thing they’ve ever heard, but they’ve never answered. Cats have, on occasion, spoken to me, but it kind of creeps me out, so I don’t talk to them. Cattle can speak simple phrases: “I’m hungry,” “Where’s my calf,” “Where’s my mom,” and “Get away from my calf.” Bulls have two extra phrases: “You need to leave me alone, NOW!” and the other one I can’t mention here because I intend…

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