Oh Poo!

Karly and I are on a mission, but I don’t want to do it there!

Too many smelltastes from that stupid lab next door. He’ll marks everything, even MY poles! And he’s taller, so his pee mail covers mine.

dog-poop-bagsYou’re just going to have to follow me. Stop pulling.

I know I’ve taught you better than that.

I sniff around until I find that perfect spot.

That’s a better. First I hike my leg on the tree that announces this is MY territory, not a stupid Labrador’s.

Hah! He isn’t allowed here.

Now I sniff in circles, where is that spot. That spot that my smelltaste tells me is the proper place to do my business. Not that it will be there long.

Ah. There is it. I get into position and go. I scratch some leaves and grass over the top and trot away, making room for my Girlpup.

Karly bends to scoop up my leavings in a plastic bag, treating it with great respect. She tosses me a treat and tells me I’m a good dog. I’ve done a very good thing, producing something very special.

Of course.

On the way home, I mark the stupid Lab’s pole. Most dogs noses can’t get up that high anyhow.


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