Visiting Community Bark Today!

I’m probably not going to make it, my Girlpup has lessons. It’s raining and she needs to learn how to use rain water for some spells. But the Lady With The Hands is standing in for me. I think she’s bringing one of her stupid dogs, I don’t know why. She’s also bringing some of my stuff. That’s okay, I’ll share. 2430 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.
Bay View, Wisconsin
bayview@communitybark.netCommnity Bark

More importantly, my story is now available on Amazon. It will be other places, too, but you can get it for Kindle. Guess it’s on sale. I think it means it takes less kibble to get. So, go to Amazon and read my story. Since I know you’ll love me, tell everyone so I can get my Personal Assistant to finish Tillie’s Tale! You can find me here: George Knows



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