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That's me. In the center. Where I belong.

That’s me. In the center. Where I belong.

My Blog Tour!

Did you miss your favorite brilliant basset hound? I understand the holidays and all. Still, you should have spent time cuddling and sharing your treats with me. I forgive you. I’m heading out on a blog tour the end of the month, and you’ll get a chance to enjoy my presence. 

Presents? Did someone say presents? Most are for me, but the Lady With The Hands said some might be for you. You just have to come and visit us during our blog tour.


Can you eat a blog?
January 26 – Introduction at VBT Café Blog
January 28 – Spotlight at Deal Sharing Aunt
January 30 – Spotlight at Black Lilac Kitty
January 30 – Review & Interview at Kerrie Ann Salsac Write For Life
February 4 – Spotlight at 3 Partners In Shopping!

February 6 – Guest Blogging at Lori’s Reading Corner
February 10 – Interviewed at Reviews & Interviews
February 12 – Reviewed at Book Reviews by Dee
February 14 – Reviewed at AG Lang Writes
February 18 – Review & Interview at Brooke Blogs
February 20 – Review at Bikers For Children’s Books
February 22 – Spotlight at The Avid Reader
February 22 – Review & Interview at Dalene’s Book Reviews


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