I Won Best Children’s Book!


The Predators and Editors reader’s poll for best books of 2013 is finished, and I am the best CHILDREN’S BOOK. The Lady with the hands was surprised. I knew we would win. The book is about me, after all!

Still, I should be higher at the book sellers. I am the ONLY basset hound familiar with magical drool! I’m the one that figured out the truth and saved everything. Greenwitches need proper guidance from their familiars, and I’m without a doubt the best.

*Puffs out chest!*

Do I get Tuna Fudge? I was a VERY GOOD Boy!



4 thoughts on “I Won Best Children’s Book!

  1. This is a darling book, & I must say not just for children!!!
    I’m 40 years old & am loving reading George Knows!
    The writer is always able to turn her pups antics at home into lil blips of stories to share on her FB page, but I’m most grateful to be reading those antics written into a book, & hopefully a series!
    *Hint Hint! 😉

    Great Job, Props…I LoVvve IT!!!!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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