Why does the Lady With the Hands always butt into my interviews?


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

George Knows by Mindy Mymudes – Book Tour with GIVEAWAY

 Author Interview:

Hi Mindy, thank you for taking the time to speak to me about your book.

Sorry George, of course, thank you for coming along as well!

So, when did you really know you wanted to be an author?

Mindy: I didn’t. I prefer to read. Some of my favorite people are authors, but I had no aspirations to be one myself. I do write, but at the time, technical articles, laboratory manuals, and dog stuff. All non-fiction.
George: I always knew that I had a story to tell. I just needed a Peep to listen to me. Instead, I got the lady With The Hands, but she’s trainable.
What motivates you to write?
Mindy: Having my leg bitten by an egotistical basset hound muse.
George: It’s winter, there isn’t much to do. The plants I’m supposed to teach my Girlpup, witch-in-training, Karly, are under at least three of me tall snow.
What inspired you to write ‘George Knows’?
Mindy: About 20 years ago, I had an odd field-bred springer spaniel that I rescued. He had some very strange adventures, including finding human bones, sneaking a peek under a nun’s habit, and climbing a ladder to steal the roofers lunch. He adopted a 7-year-old boy, Joey, because all dogs need a boy. Never name a dog Strange Quark. He was.
George: Don’t be ridiculous. I hired you.
Which character did you love developing the most?
Mindy: I think Karly is really interesting. She’s run over by her familiar, but she’s growing up and I don’t think George fully understands what that means. Yet.
George: The book is about ME. ‘Nuff said.
Can you describe your book in three words?
Mindy: It’s Nancy Drewl.
George: Don’t be ridiculous.
What is your preferred genre?
Mindy: I love urban fantasy/science fiction. As a kid, my favorite authors were Robert Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, Anne McCaffrey. I actually met Robert Heinlein when I was 4 or 5. He taught me to play chess. Sort of.
George: Is that something to eat? I like tuna fudge.

What is you favourite book, and who is your favourite author, and why?

Mindy: Way too many to pick, and far too many friends that are authors. I love Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series (she’s also my mentor). Darynda Jones Charley Davidson series, and RK Rowlings Harry Potter.
George: The ones with dogs and treats for me.
Do you have a particular writing process or routine?
Mindy: I have a MacBook Air armed with Self-Control to keep me off the Internet. I like to go to the library where my own dogs don’t bother me.
George: My job is to make sure she writes my story, so I try to nudge her to write in the morning before she takes a nap.
What are the easiest and most difficult aspects of writing for you?
Mindy: Motivation. I have no trouble to come up with ideas, but I have ADD. So, there’s always something…look! Shiny! Oh, that needs water! Freaky Beak, you need a haircut.
George: She has no trouble with ideas since I feed them to her.
Any handy writing tips or essential writing tools you would recommend?
Mindy: A dictionary. A window with a great view. And following Magical Words (http://www.magicalwords.net). I’ve learned a lot from the different authors that make blog appearances.
George: Lots of cold water from the big bowl that flushes, and a box of good biscuits. Writing is hard work.
Are you working on anything else at the moment?
Mindy and George: Tillie’s Tale. It’s a ghosty story. George has to prevent a poultry-ghost.

Thank you so much Mindy and George for taking the time to chat to me. I wish you both the best of luck with your future ventures!



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