George Knows by Mindy Mymudes

People get it!



Product DetailsForget what you may have read before about witches and their “familiars” – animals who work with and communicate with them. Usually, it’s a cat – a black one – that’s involved. But in George Knows. the title character is a lovable basset hound who is the familiar for a young witch-in-training – 12-year-old Karly. “Witchiness” runs in the family. Karly’s Aunt Heather is an herbalist and healer who, with George, is teaching the young girl to develop her inheritance of the family’s gifts, including mental telepathy.

When human bones are found by George and Karly as they’re out walking in the park, all their supernatural wiles will come in handy to solve this mystery. There’s also a side story about saving the park from developers, and even a budding romance thrown in.

This is a cute book with a fun story. If you normally shy away from…

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